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While we have offered the Virtual Academy to middle and high school students since 2014, ASD has expanded our Virtual Campus to provide anytime/anywhere education to all K-12 students during the school year!

Over time, this innovative learning option has become increasingly popular among students and families, who appreciate its flexibility, rigor and focus on student success. Students can take part in ASD sports, clubs, prom, choir and a range of other extracurricular activities. Graduates receive an ASD diploma and can walk across the stage with their peers during our commencement ceremony.

Enrolling in the ASD Virtual Campus

Download the Virtual Campus Enrollment Form: English | Spanish

K-12 Virtual Campus Requirements

  • Interested students are required to fill out the enrollment form for the program and meet with their building designee.
  • In order to enroll, students will still need required health vaccinations as part of the registration process for Virtual Campus (vaccinations that are required by PDE).
  • Students identified as chronically absent (absent more than 18 school days in the 2020/21 SY) may be admitted on a trial basis to Virtual Campus.
  • Students are required to follow the 2021-2022 Board approved ASD School Calendar and Assessment Calendar including state and local assessments. This may require students to report in person.
  • Students will be required to follow a daily schedule and compulsory attendance requirements as required by the state
  • Students are required to adequately maintain all district issued technological devices provided for their active participation in Virtual Campus.
  • Students in Virtual Campus can participate in after-school activities, athletics, and extracurricular programs at their home schools.
  • Students will only transfer back into the home school quarterly and families must notify school team in advance of their wishes
  • Students and parents will engage in a Virtual Campus orientation sessions for the 2021-22 SY
  • Students and families will sign a expectation agreement for Virtual Campus expectations for the 2021-22 SY

Virtual Campus Enrollment Process

  • Enrollment Forms for Virtual Campus K-12 will be available online and at school sites
  • Families will meet with building designee to review form and student data from 2020/21 SY to determine eligibility
  • Considerations for enrollment will include:
    • Attendance, grades, STAR data, GPA, credit completion percentage, reading and math level, Lexia, Wida, LAS Links, State assessments if applicable, parent input, school personnel input, extenuating circumstances
    • If the student has an IEP, the facilitator, supervisor, or Executive Director of Special Education will be notified
    • If the IEP student is in a Self Contained Special Education classroom, an IEP meeting must be held to determine accessibility and eligibility in the Virtual Campus.
    •  If the student is an EL, the application will be reviewed by an ESOL department designee
  • Once the form is reviewed at the building principal level, applications are forwarded to the Executive Director.
  • Once initial data review is complete, forms are forwarded to the building principal or designee

Why Choose the ASD Virtual Campus?

This robust virtual learning program offers a wide variety of benefits to students and families, including: 

Innovative Educational Path: The program develops engaged, passionate learners who are confident in their abilities and able to retain and apply the skills they develop. 
Technology Driven Learning: The Virtual Campus features high-quality digital learning platforms combined with individualized attention from instructors for a well-rounded educational experience.
Building on Learners’ Strengths: The program allows gifted students to accelerate their learning experiences and supports those who wish to learn at a faster pace. It also includes teachers who are specially trained to support English learners and students with disabilities.
Flexible Learning Experiences: Schedules are flexible and convenient for parent/student work hours, daycare hours, sports and extracurricular activities. Students can log on and engage in learning any time of the day or week. 
Skilled & Experienced Teachers: Highly qualified teachers are licensed and certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Students regularly interact with their teachers while also receiving individual attention and case management services.
Key Resources & Supports: Students receive Chromebooks, materials and software at no cost.

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